Why Mission Trips?

At the Alley we are about “Following Jesus and Living Love”; mission trips provide us with a tangible way to do this. We are challenged with opportunities that will pull us outside our comfort zone, put us in a position to rely on God, and help us to grow in our relationship with Him, with other teens from our church and with teens from around the country. And besides it’s FUN!

Mission trips are NOT vacations… We work hard. We pour ourselves out serving God in the communities in which we get to spend our week. We love…and are loved on…by the community members we encounter, by people on our team, by other church groups that we serve alongside, and by the YouthWorks staff. God is already at work where we go…it’s a privilege to plug in to what He is doing.

FOr more Information

If you have questions about Alley Teens Mission Trips, please contact Alley Teens at AlleyTeens@theAlley.church.

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