Why Mission Trips?

At the Alley we are about “Following Jesus and Living Love”; mission trips provide us with a tangible way to do this. We are challenged with opportunities that will pull us outside our comfort zone, put us in a position to rely on God, and help us to grow in our relationship with Him, with other teens from our church and with teens from around the country. And besides it’s FUN!

Mission trips are NOT vacations… We work hard. We pour ourselves out serving God in the communities in which we get to spend our week. We love…and are loved on…by the community members we encounter, by people on our team, by other church groups that we serve alongside, and by the YouthWorks staff. God is already at work where we go…it’s a privilege to plug in to what He is doing.

2020 Trip

We are super excited to announce that there WILL be a mission trip in 2020!!!  We will be partnering with YouthWorks for the 10th summer in a row! We'll be leaving the Alley on Sunday, July 26th and returning back home on Friday, July 31st. 

A natural question might be, "where are you going?" For those of you who have been around the Alley for any amount of time, you KNOW it won't be that easy!!!!  Over the course of October, we will be revealing clues each time Alley Teens meets that will eventually point to our location.  Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!  Play along!  Try to figure it out.  Just don't spoil it for everyone else!

2020 Location Clues

  1. There WILL be a mission trip in the summer of 2020. That means another series of cheesy clues coming your way. The question is…can you guess the location?
  2. A one-day drive will land us in the Midwest. The Key is to figure out which way we will proceed.
  3. One thing is for sure... we’ll be sure you have all the tools you need to be successful on this trip!
  4. While service does bring joy, us having happy days is not the point of the trip...
  5. <repeat> <repeat>
  6. We can harley wait for our 10th annual trip!!!!
  7. Second only to Gitchee Gumee in V=l*w*h, if you look across on a clear day you might see a mitten.
  8. 7+2=1; 24+6=2; 16+4=3?
  9. Hint #9! Got it yet? This location was the Dawn of a new era for Alley Teens!
  10. Click here to see the hint: Hint 10

Mission Trip Informational Meeting

On Wednesday, November 6th immediately following youth group, we will have an informational meeting about the 2020 trip for teens AND THEIR PARENTS.  Meet in the Gathering Room starting around 8:05 PM and we'll have you out of there by 8:45 PM.

This meeting will be a great place to learn more about the trip! Why do we do mission trips? What is a mission trip like? What will it cost? How do I (or my teen) get registered? Oh..yeah... WHERE ARE WE GOING???? Are you a mission trip veteran? We'd love to have you come anyway!!!!

There is no commitment in attending! If you/your teen is remotely interested - this is the place for you!

We have 16 student spots reserved. Because there are students who were ready to register for 2020 as we were getting out of the vans last summer, registration WILL open Wednesday night. We are asking for $100 deposit and there will be a form for a parent to sign. Concerned about coming up with the deposit now? TALK TO MARK! We CAN work with you!!! We do NOT want to let money get in the way of ministry!!!!!

Questions about the meeting? Contact Mark at mboatman@theAlley.church.

Click here for a fridgeable flyer!

FOr more Information

If you have questions about Alley Teens Mission Trips, please contact Mark Boatman at mboatman@theAlley.church.

Check out our previous trips on Facebook (these are public sites so you don't need to be signed in to see them):