is on break for the Summer

Envision a place where families, people of all ages, can gather together and connect with their peers in meaningful ways. Imagine a place where people meet Jesus and find encouragement to engage their faith as they walk through the journey of their everyday lives.

†heHUB@†he Alley

The Wednesday Night Ministries at theAlley Church. Starting back up in October.

New Members Classes

Would you like to become a Covenant Member of theAlley Church, or just want to know more about theAlley and what we believe? What is a Protestant? Who was Martin Luther? Any other questions you may have!

Join Pastor Martin and other enquirers as we explore these questions and more.

This set of classes will be at the earlier time of 4:30-5:15pm on Wednesdays, then you are encouraged to stay on at †heHUB for the meal and short time of worship.

Please contact Pastor Martin to find out when the next set of classes would be or if you would like to attend but need a later time.

Worship 5:45.

Youth/Adult classes @ 6.00pm: The Gospel of Mark. 

Starting in October! Check back later for more details.